Liz Knox

On Now!
Check out my new video, Infinite Scroll, on the Urban Screen - playing daily all summer long from 8am-9pm at Emily Carr (520 E 1st Ave). July 5 - October 31, 2022.
*Artist talk October 6, 6:30pm at ECUAD (Rennie Hall-B2160)

Exhibition: Out of Bounds, at Libby Leshgold Gallery (520 E 1st Ave). July 21 - August 28, 2022. Check out the show and my new book: The Anarchist Review: A collection of customer reviews of The Anarchist Cookbook, left on the online retailer website Amazon. This new project was published by The Peripheral Review and includes an essay by Nathan Crompton.

My books are available at artist book stores including:
Read Books & Or Bookstore, Vancouver
Art Metropole, Toronto
Struts Gallery, Sackville
Printed Matter, New York